Applied Space Solutions (Applied Space) is a privately owned, aerospace engineering, system design and implementation company established in 2017 to carry out applied research in the field of aerospace and defence, focused on the provision of space related analytics, applications and services.

Current activities include:

  • Astrodynamics
  • Deep learning and object classification research
  • Flight dynamics software
  • Maritime domain awareness
  • Maritime data analytics
  • Space object detection and tracking
  • Space domain awarenesss
  • Space traffic management

Data Analytics

The marine sector is at a transition point. Human activities are causing unprecedented challenges to the marine environment. Effects of climate change, over-fishing and pollution events (including agricultural runoff, sewage discharges and polluting substances such as chemical spills and plastics) have a cumulative and detrimental effect on marine ecosystems, their potential to enhance global food security, and the additional services they can provide such as carbon sequestration and storage, habitat enhancement and provisioning, pollution control, and storm and flood protection.

Applied Space is developing an analytical platform that provides meaningful insights into the marine environment through a portfolio of products which will deliver information advantage through the immediate delivery of low cost, value enhancing insights at global scale.

Space Situational Awareness

The mission of Applied Space is to contribute to the sustainable, responsible and safe use of space. With this aim, the company undertakes research and development projects, specifically growing capability and know-how in the field of Space Situational Awareness (SSA).

SSA is a term used to describe the methods and mechanisms to track objects in orbit and predicting where these objects will be at any given time. There is a growing awareness, within the aerospace community and beyond, of the collision risks posed by space debris and retired space infrastructure orbiting the Earth, as well as the importance of SSA in defence and national security.

Partnering with KISPE

Applied Space is partnered with UK space related programme engineering groups.

As advocates for sustainable applications we have partnered with leading project engineering company KISPE. KISPE believes in making a difference through the application of technology for the betterment and enhancement of mankind. KISPE believe passionately that everything we do must have a purpose and contribute to the goal of making the world a better place.

KISPE's projects range in size, value and scope, from business plan development, concept definition, design, development, manufacture, integration, test and operation through to the inception and growth of entire businesses.

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